Revenue Innovation for

the Craft Beer Industry

What is Brew Pipeline?

Brew Pipeline is actively working to offer a series of innovative programs that will open up craft brewers’ portfolios, allowing brand distribution to currently untapped markets. Lead by a group of industry veterans Brew Pipeline has identified strategies to unlock brand potential for craft breweries benefiting both retailers and our diverse distributor network.

About Us

Connecting Brewers to New Markets

Brew Pipeline’s flagship program, the Guest Brewer program, connects craft brewers to a nationwide network of distributors looking to provide a fresh monthly circulation of innovative brands to their retail partners. Using a cutting-edge brand schedule, Brew Pipeline is changing the industry for both distributors and craft brewers all while benefiting beer retailers and consumers. Our Guest Brewer brands will be available for purchase at retailers near you in early 2019! Check back for our available brands or contact us to stay up to date.


Craft Brewers

Craft Brewers have the opportunity to extend the reach of their brands from a local to a national platform.



Distributor partners will receive a managed rotation of fresh, unique brands to offer their retail partners


Retailers & consumers will be exposed to award-winning brands and new beer experiences from all around the U.S. every month

How Does Our Guest Brewer Program Work?

Step One
Step 1

Select award-winning beer and invite brewer to join Guest Brewer program

Step Two
Step 2

Guest Brewer and Brew Pipeline agree on new markets

Step Three
Step 3

Education & support materials for new brands are provided to all new applicable markets

Step Four
Step 4

Guest brands are announced to retailers in top market

Step Five
Step 5

Brew Pipeline consolidates all market orders and provides information to guest brewer

Step Six
Step 6

Guest brewer plans the brew schedule and provides an estimated release date

Step Seven
Step 7

Brew Pipeline takes over all logistics from the Guest Brewer’s dock to each market

Step Eight
Step 8

The Guest Brewer brands are then delivered to new markets, fresh and for limited release.

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Our Programs

Brew Pipeline works with the best industry partners in order to provide cutting edge programs for craft brewers and distributors. From programs geared towards rotation nation to charitable tie ins and unique collaborations, we’ve created a number of programs geared towards revenue innovation.

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6 hours ago

Brew Pipeline

Coming soon to the Brew Pipeline network. Expansion and big plans from Lagabière.Cette semaine pour notre mercredi-cask, on vous a préparé de la Ukulele IPA (V4), une Double NEIPA Citra/Amarillo, à laquelle on a ajouté des kiwis.

À goûter à notre bistro, dès 16h, et tant qu'il en reste!

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1 week ago

Brew Pipeline

@sprecherbrewery’s legendary Black Bavarian is currently available through the Guest Brewer program! This schwarzbier has a Gold Medal from the World Beer Cup, and it is very clear as to why once you taste this incredible beer.

#GuestBrewer #SprecherBrewing #WorldBeerCup #Awardwinningbeer

You can request this brand for your bar or store on our website. Link in bio.

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