PEWAUKEE, Wis. — Brew Pipeline, a leader in revenue innovation for the craft beer industry, today announced the launch of its second program,  Destination . Destination’s goal is to fill niche demand for hyper-targeted accounts and to simplify the task of bringing beer to markets previously not accessible to brewers. This comes following the success of Guest Brewer, which manages “rotation nation” for world-class beers through short term sales.

Like Guest Brewer, Destination is a one-stop solution, handling all logistics from the brewer’s dock to market. First to participate in the program is Ska Brewing of Durango, Colorado. This Spring, they debuted their “Brewstomper Golden Ale,” a crisp and crushable golden ale made in collaboration with American punk band, Rancid. Ahead of Rancid’s upcoming tour managed by Live Nation, the band requested that “Brewstomper” be made available to their fans at each concert. Destination is making this possible by stocking a number of Rancid’s concert venues across the US with this special collaboration beer, including states where Ska previously did not have distribution. These venues include the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV, Riverplex in Pittsburgh, PA, Agora Theatre in Cleveland, OH, and the MECU Pavilion in Baltimore, MD.

“We are excited to bring Brewstomper on Rancid’s fall tour and Brew Pipeline has been integral making that possible in markets we were not established in,” says Arlo Grammatica, National Sales Manager at Ska Brewing Company. “I have been at a number of the shows already and the fan support for both the band and the brew has been amazing. It’s great to be able to share it beyond our initial footprint.”

Popular additional Destination locations in discussions include chains accounts from big-box retailers to casual dining, or in Ska Brewing’s case, concert venues. Additional Destination partnerships are in the works with brewers, to be announced in the coming months. Brew Pipeline also has plans to announce its third and fourth program in the near future.

Led by three industry veterans, Brew Pipeline was developed to create a number of programs designed to add incremental dollars to both brewers and distributors alike. The company aims to give brewers the freedom to focus on brewing, while they handle all of the complex logistics from dock to market including registration, distribution, marketing, key account sales, and cooperage.