Brew Pipeline, a “direct-access platform” that connects craft breweries and wholesalers, announced a new “Guest Brewer” program that allows brewers to date new markets before committing to a distributor partnership.

As more breweries produce rotational IPAs and other beer styles, the Guest Brewer program will provide “an opportunity to test a market without fully committing to a costly long-term rollout,” Brewbound reports.

I think this is a great idea. It’s time to update the three-tier system. Just as we can try out expensive fragrances with Scentbird (I haven’t done this, but think it’s a good idea), borrow clothes we can’t afford with Rent the Runway (RTR changed my life), or return a $1,000 mattress after six months (turns out, it’s not the mattress, it’s me), brewers with relatively smaller budgets should be able to secure trials. They otherwise risk getting permanently stuck in a distributor relationship that sends their beer to a place people aren’t drinking it. That alternative can easily destroy a great brewery, which no one wants to see happen.