Tapping into New Markets

At Brew Pipeline, helping craft brewers extend their market reach is at the forefront of everything we do. Guest Brewer, our flagship program, is designed to help brewers get their brands to new markets by creating limited release schedules that drive demand. This allows both brewers and distributors to test new markets, commitment-free. Our online portal provides a one-stop solution for production, marketing, cooperage, transport, and state registration. Guest Brewer connects the best craft brewers in the industry with the most capable distributors across the top 100 U.S. markets, handling all of the complex logistics from dock to market within 16-24 weeks.

Increase Your Reach

We are currently in the process of developing several other programs to help craft brewers market and sell their brands outside of their regular, limited distribution area. Check out how we can increase your reach now.

Brand Selection Process

With so many great beers to choose from today, we use a combination of third-party testimonials from nationally and internationally recognized beer competitions like the Great American Beer Fest, World Beer Cup, and US Beer Championships. Then, we cross-reference their market validity with popular and vetted beer rating organizations like Beer Advocate, Rate Beer, and UnTapped to help qualify a brand with buyers in new markets.

Craft Brewers