Finding the Right Brands – For Guest Brewer

There are over 7,000 breweries in the United States alone and each brewery has at least one brand, but usually, offer multiple options. That is a lot of beer to sift through so we like to turn to other experts in our industry to help narrow down the competition. With so many great beers being brewed today, we use 3rd party testimonials to get the fastest turns in new markets. These testimonials come from nationally and internationally recognized beer competitions like the Great American Beer Fest, World Beer Cup, and US Beer Championships. We take the highest medal winners and research their market validity by cross-referencing popular and vetted beer rating organizations like the Beer Advocate, Rate Beer, and UnTapped to help qualify a brand with buyers in new markets.

Choosing Our Monthly Offerings

There are a lot of award-winning beers to choose from and we work thoughtfully to curate monthly offerings that help not only our distributors and retailers, but also ensure that beer-lovers get a diverse selection of beers to purchase! We take three factors into account when selecting and scheduling our monthly offerings:

Brand Selection Beer Style
Beer Style

We do not duplicate styles in our monthly offerings to ensure distributors, retailers, and consumers can choose from a wide variety of beers

Distribution Region
Distribution Region

We evaluate the distribution region of each selected brand to ensure as many regions as possible have a great selection each month


We also consider the seasonality of brands so season-exclusive brands are released ahead of prime season for that particular style

Share Your Award-Winning Beer

We understand there are some limitations when using 3rd party testimonials and rating systems and that there are many beers that should get more recognition! If you have a beer that stands out and you’re ready to take it to next level, fill out the form below and our Guest Brewer team will follow up with you.

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Marketing Made Easy

Once a brand has been selected for distribution through our Guest Brewer program, our leadership team will work with you to develop an ordering and distribution contract to expand your beer brand to new markets. After we’ve finalized the contract our sales and marketing teams will take assets like tasting notes, graphics, sign templates, and video and turn them into complete marketing packages for your brand. As part of the Guest Brewer program, we will also make new video creative and provide markets with ready-to-use social media executions, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your brewery while we work on marketing your brands to new markets.