Brew Pipeline, a direct-access platform between craft brewers and distributors, announced its plans to have their Guest Brewer program up and running by March, which will bring exclusive beers from craft breweries to untapped markets for a limited time. More than 70 award­ winning breweries are gearing up to participate in the program.

“As consumers continue to support local brands, most craft brewers stay close to home and are left with a small geography that will not sustain their growth. We created Brew Pipeline and Guest Brewer to solve this problem. Our goal is to provide greater access to the best craft beer available while boosting the bottom line for brewers and distributors. – Marty Ochs, president of sales at Brew Pipeline

Guest Brewer is Brew Pipeline’s first step in connecting the best craft beers with the top 100 U.S. markets. With limited release schedules designed to drive demand, both brewers and distributors can test new markets with minimal commitment. They have developed a user­friendly on line portal that provides a one-stop solution for consolidated ordering for production, marketing, cooperage, transport and state registration. Monkless Belgian Ales was one of the first breweries to jump on board with the program.

“The Guest Brewer program is a great way for us to strategically seed new markets and connect with some of the best distributors in those regions. We’re excited to have been selected as one of the first breweries on board and to share our beer with our fans across the country, as well as people that have yet to taste it: – Robin Clement, owner of Monkless Belgian Ales

Brew Pipeline aims to give brewers the freedom to focus on brewing, while they handle all of the complex logistics from dock to market. If you’re a craft beer maker who wants to participate in Guest Brewer, you can apply for the program on line at                                                                                                                           Original Article – Bar Business Magazine 2019