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DuClaw Brewing – Strawberry Letter 23


Strawberry Letter 23

DuClaw Brewing Company
Baltimore, MD

Order by Friday, Dec 11th, 2020.

Named after the hit song, this brew blurs the lines between IPA, Sour Ale, and Fruited Ale.
Brewed with Lactose, Mosaic Lupilin Powder, soured with Lacto, and fermented on top of ripe Strawberries.

Targeted Pricing:
$7.99-8.99 PTC 4pak 12oz Cans
$119 PTR 1/6 Barrels

ABV: 7.1%

Brew Pipeline Available States:

Package Configuration Cs/Pallet Position
6/4 12oz Cans 100
Kg/Pallet Position
1/6 Barrels 40

Half pallet orders must be placed in 2’s.
Minimum 2 pallets in total from brewer for delivered PTD.


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