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Surly – And The Devil Makes Three


And The Devil Makes Three

Surly Brewing
Minneapolis, MN

Order by Friday, March 26th, 2021

Triple Dry-Hopped Triple IPA
Limited release from BC Small Batch Series

Style: IPA

IBU: High

ABV: 10.6%

Accolades: New Release

Targeted Pricing:
$15.99-17.99 PTC 4pak 16oz Cans
$299 PTR 1/2 Barrels

Brew Pipeline Order States:

Package Configuration Cs/Pallet Position
6/4 16oz Cans 80
Kg/Pallet Position
1/6 Barrels 40

Full Pallet Orders Only
Minimum 2 pallets in total from brewer for delivered PTD.

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