The Brew Pipeline Sales Platform for Brewers & Retailers

• Increasing Orders for Breweries of All Sizes with Existing Distribution Processes •

Purposefully designed as multi-platform digital marketplace for brands, the Brew Pipeline platform increases brand exposure and incremental sales, benefiting brewers, distributors and retailers.

Multi-Platform Sales Tool with Guaranteed Profit for Brewers

Full Exposure to Available Brands in Free Retailer Marketplace

Eliminate Limitations of Traditional Sales Reps & Methods

Creating a Community of Craft Beer Buyers in One Marketplace

Invitation to Brewers in WI, CO and MD for Beta Sales App

Harvest Sales from Retailers in Your Distribution Regions
• Guaranteed Profit from Brewer Sales Platform •

Brewers that sign up and upload their brands to the Retailer Marketplace receive brand exposure and new orders from retailers in their distribution regions. This means increased orders direct from retailers using your existing distribution processes.

How the Web App Works for Brewers and Retailers

The Retailer Mobile App

Free Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

The retailer mobile app on the Brew Pipeline platform replaces the traditional, inefficient, ineffective method for evaluating brands for ordering, replacing it with a comprehensive marketplace of brands available for ordering.

• Exposure to all brands available in your region

• Free to use for retailers

• Easy ordering from marketplace

• Recommend brands to team

• Access to social content for promoting brands

The Brewer Web App

Guaranteed Profit with Subscription Fee Only When Sales Harvested

The brewer web app on the Brew Pipeline Sales Platform eliminates dependence on in-house or distributor sales reps and guarantees exposure to your brands.

• Exposure to all retailers in your distribution regions

• Low monthly subscription after proven sales and guaranteed profit

• Easily upload brands, specs, awards and assets

• Track orders and incremental revenue

• Smart order routing to proper distributor

How it Works
Increases Orders for Breweries of All Sizes Using Existing Distribution Processes

The Brew Pipeline Sales Platform helps big, small and nano breweries harvest more orders by providing a user friendly marketplace for retailers to explore and order all brands available to them. After ordering, built-in Smart Order Routing sends the details to the proper distributor, and invoicing and fulfillment proceeds as usual.

The end-to-end process is simple…

Brewer Uploads Brands on Brewer Web App, Including Packaging, Availability, Assets and More

Retailers Easily Explore & Order Brands Available in Their Region on the Free Retailer Mobile App

Brewers & Distributors Get Notifications When Orders Are Placed, Invoicing & Fulfilling as Usual

Sign Up Free for Beta Brewer Program

Guaranteed Incremental New Profit for Independent Craft Brewers

Fill out the form below to sign up as a Beta Brewery, offering brand exposure and sales from thousands of retailers in your specific distribution regions. Or reach out to for more information.

Beta available now to WI, CO and MA. All states eligible on January 1, 2021.