Guest Brewer FAQ

What is Guest Brewer?

Guest Brewer is Brew Pipeline’s flagship program that connects award-winning craft breweries  to top new markets for a limited time. Guest Brewer handles all logistics from the brewers dock to market, making it easy for breweries to trial new markets, commitment free.

What makes a qualifying brand for the Guest Brewer program?

Brew Pipeline recognizes there are incredible beers all across the U.S. We use third-party testimonials as a guide when selecting only the best and most popular craft beers on the market. These are blind recognitions awarded by certified beer judges at beer competitions such as the Great American Beer Fest, The World Beer Cup, and the U.S. Beer Championships. We also cross reference popular beer rating communities such as Beer Advocate and Rate Beer to test market viability.

What functions and services does the Guest Brewer program provide?

The Guest Brewer program handles all logistics from dock to market. This includes:

  • Cooperage shipped to brewer – utilizing Kegstar ½ and 1/6 inventory
  • Freight pick up and shipment straight to top markets. No warehouse holding.
  • Registration of brands, state compliance, and state taxes for all states.
  • Temporary pre-release distribution agreements for all markets.
  • Customized marketing to promote limited availability.
  • Chain calls with possible exclusivity available in any given market.

What if Guest Brewer wants a long-term relationship in a market?

Brew Pipeline encourages any brewer to seek a permanent relationship with our distributor network or any other. Guest Brewer gives brewers a chance to test the market, commitment free and pursue a longer relationship following our initial launch.

How will new Guest Brewer brands be marketed?

Brew Pipeline will create custom videos and images to be used on social media. These campaigns are designed to showcase your award-winning beer to new markets and build hype around each limited release. Not only will Guest Brewer share these videos and images on social media, but we encourage each of our featured brewers to share them as well to help spread the word.

What are the costs to the Guest Brewer?

The new Guest Brewer and Brew Pipeline will build out a price point model that works for both parties. There are no hidden costs with the Guest Brewer program.

What if a Guest Brewer does not have the funds to purchase packaging for volume needs?

Through the Guest Brewer program, Brew Pipeline can help with funding or packaging purchases. See your Guest Brewer Regional Director for more details.

How does the Guest Brewer portfolio fit with a distributor?

The current trend towards a local focus has left most brewers with an even smaller geography to sustain their full portfolio of beers. A byproduct of this local trend has been distributor resistance to incorporating more distant brewers that require longterm brand building past the honeymoon window when all is new and fresh.

The Guest Brewer program will offer a consistent portfolio of 8-10 prestigious SKU’s for any given market. Each brand will have an exit strategy and will be replaced to maintain a level SKU count. Retail buyers will have a short window to get a piece of the action or to even take exclusivity as a rare retail opportunity.

Our programs customized marketing strategy will help retail communicate this unique opportunity to the market. Our distributor partners have limited partners that will provide an easy process from start to end of each brand cycle.